Lazzara Family Foundation Donates to UNF’s ‘Sculptures by the Sea’

A big thank you to UNF for mentioning the Lazzara Family Foundation in their latest Press Release on Thursday about the Sculptures by the Sea project.

We’ll be working with UNF, The Student Affairs Community Council, and local community members to bring to life a sculpture garden in Jacksonville Beach, which will display the sculptures of UNF Fine Arts students.

The winning sculptures to be on display by UNF seniors include “Ongoing Life” by Gillian Harper, “Still Swimming” by Emily Pinnell, “Symbiosis” by Mary Ratcliff and “Wild Bird” by Diana Shepherd. “Ode to Franklin County” will also be on display by UNF junior David Peters.

“Because of their passion and enthusiasm for art, the Lazzara family has generously provided a forum not only for our talented students to display their creative artwork but a beautiful space at the beach where the entire public can come and be inspired,” said UNF President John Delaney. “We’re appreciative of this family’s impact on UNF and this community.”

MountainStar Capital and the Lazzara Family Foundation provided a $50,000 gift to UNF to support students and its sculpture program, headed by Dr. Jenny Hager, UNF associate professor of sculpture. MountainStar Capital also donated the land’s use for the year-long event.

“We are so appreciative of the Lazzara’s vision and understanding of the value of public art as well as the desire to showcase works of talented UNF students to the beaches community. This is a great example of how one family can make a big difference,” said Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, vice president of Student and International Affairs.

The project is a partnership between UNF’s Division of Student Affairs and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Lazzara Family Foundation, MountainStar along with assistance from the City of Jacksonville Beach and the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville.

You can read the official press release from UNF here.