About the Lazzara Health Science Center

The Lazzara Health Science Center is a 30,000-square-foot, two-story educational and clinical facility on the campus of Jacksonville University (JU). The center is home to JU’s School of Nursing and the JU School of Orthodontics. The school offers a two-year residency program where dentists receive advanced education and training to become practicing orthodontists.

In addition to providing exceptional education, the JU School of Orthodontics helps thousands of patients receive expert orthodontic care in its community clinic. Available to anyone, residents and faculty provide orthodontic care with cutting edge technology, techniques and innovation at an average of 30 percent lower than traditional, commercial practices.

The Health Science Center was created through a more than $3-million-dollar grant from the Lazzara Family Foundation, one of the largest single acts of philanthropy in Northeast Florida history. The Lazzara Family Foundation has also made grants to fund the UNF Fine Arts Center, Edward Waters College, the University of Colorado and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The Lazzara Family Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of students and surrounding communities with donations to healthcare programs, community efforts, animal welfare groups and arts programs nationwide.